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Clean Energy Advocate

Environment New Jersey is hiring an experienced advocate to protect public health and the environment by expanding to 100% renewable energy and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. In the age of Trump, it is more critical than ever for the states to lead on policy. The Advocate will work with Environment New Jersey’s director and our national program team as well as with our organizers, stakeholders and key coalition allies to build momentum and expand support for New Jersey’s clean, renewable energy future.

For the last ten years, Environment New Jersey has played a leading role in building a bridge of New Jersey’s renewable energy future. We have helped achieve victories for the state’s environment to clean up our air and water and transition New Jersey to a clean energy economy—and to defend against the rollbacks and climate inaction at the state and national level. With new state leadership in the New Jersey State House and Gov. Murphy Administration, this is the time for the organization to be charting the path ahead for clean energy.

Historically, our research, grassroots education and mobilization, media outreach, coalition work and decision-maker education have mobilized public support for statewide environmental initiatives. This includes winning increased mandates for clean energy through a strong Renewable Portfolio Standard that requires New Jersey to produce 21% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, increased clean car standards, and a solar power market that is still a regional leader. Each year, we reach hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans through our online e-activist network (which is 60,000 strong), newsletters, and our door-to-door canvassing campaigns.

New Jersey has faced the direct impacts of extreme weather through increased flooding and noreasters, extreme weather events like derechos and Hurricane Sandy and extreme heat and sustained high temperatures. But we also continue to have a robust clean energy sector and solar program that has taken off over the course of this decade, with about 2.2 gigawatts of clean energy. But we need to do more.

The clean energy advocate will help us to reach these clean energy campaign goals:

Expand Clean Energy: New Jersey has fallen behind on our clean energy goals compared to the actions of neighboring states. The advocate will work to build public support for clean, renewable energy and the jobs it provides, and to build the political support to achieve a clean, renewable energy future. Policies to support this vision include expanding the renewable portfolio standard to 50% clean energy by 2030 and 80% by 2040, achieving our off-shore wind goals and expanding energy efficiency programs, expanding our electric car infrastructure to be able to meet our clean cars goals and expanding solar power and battery storage technology. This will help New Jersey on a pathway to reach 100% clean, renewable energy future, as well as mobilize support from a diverse set of stakeholders, including mayors and city councilors, businesses, and the general public.

To win, we need to get more people engaged to press our decision-makers to outline their agenda for New Jersey’s clean energy agenda. We need to get more people, more opinion leaders, more organizations representing diverse constituencies engaged in this effort, especially in our work through the Jersey Renews coalition.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Campaign Coordination: Working with our staff and our campaign allies to win ongoing support for local, state and federal policies to support clean energy policies. This will include building partnerships with allies, especially in the clean energy sector, and being responsible for meeting our tactical campaign goals.

Coalition Building: Cultivating relationships with diverse and powerful allies across the state and expanding the constituencies supporting our efforts. This will include building and working with a coalition of more than 50 key allies and getting them actively involved in our campaign including attending events, participating in press conferences, and tapping into their networks to promote our campaign.

Media and Visibility: Getting the word out far and wide, in the media and through other channels is a critical part of our work. By elevating the issue in the public debate, we can better educate and motivate our supporters and hold decision-makers accountable. Opportunities for visibility will include releasing reports, writing and developing materials, including press releases, developing talking points, op-eds, letters to the editor, in addition to social media materials and doing outreach to the media.

Grassroots Mobilization: Working with our staff to mobilize citizens in support of our campaigns both on and offline and develop new leaders. Providing compelling information and opportunities for action to our members and general public will be a critical component of winning our clean energy campaigns.

Recruitment: Help recruit new interns and new volunteers to increase our impact and build more power.


Candidates must have at least 1-3 years of relevant professional experience. Qualified candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to environmental and public interest issues and to citizen-based social change, as well as a track record of leadership. We're looking for goal-driven and results-oriented individuals who have excellent verbal, writing and analytical skills, the ability to speak persuasively in a charged atmosphere, and enthusiasm for the work.

Pay & Benefits

Target annual compensation for this position is commensurate with the relevant professional experience and/or degrees that a candidate has. Environment America offers a competitive benefits package.


Trenton or New Brunswick, New Jersey

To Apply

Please direct your cover letter to Kate Canada, Hiring Director.

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