Environment Massachusetts Fellow

We know all about the damage we’re doing to the planet: climate change, plastic pollution, wildlife disappearing forever. But solutions are all around us: better solar panels, better energy storage technology, better electric cars, and on and on.

Our mission—the thing that drives everything we do—is to harness our country’s wealth, our technology and our imagination to make our world a greener, healthier and more sustainable place to live for all of us.

Imagine yourself organizing a town hall meeting on solar power. Or building a community coalition to keep local waters clean. Imagine building the organizational power—the funds, the membership, the activist base and more—that it takes to keep all of this critical work going for the long haul.

That’s what you’ll do with Environment Massachusetts during this two-year fellowship program. We work to mobilize the support it takes to build more solar and wind power, reduce global warming pollution, keep our beaches, rivers and streams clean, protect our wildlife and wild places, and hold polluters accountable when they violate our environmental laws.

Our campaigns

As a fellow, you’ll play a leading role in campaigns to protect Massachusetts’ air, water, and open space, and ensure a safe climate for future generations. Our priorities include:

Powering Massachusetts with 100% renewable energy. We use more energy than we need, and too much of that energy comes from dirty, polluting fossil fuels. Fortunately, we have alternatives. We’re building public support to power Massachusetts entirely with clean, renewable energy like solar and wind.

Cleaning up plastic pollution. Nothing we use for five minutes should pollute our oceans for centuries. But every day, Americans throw away millions of plastic bags and foam cups, many of which end up in our rivers, lakes, and oceans. We’re working to eliminate the widespread use of single-use plastic products in Massachusetts.

Protecting special places. Our rivers, beaches, and parks are a big part of what makes Massachusetts a great place to live. We’re working to protect our natural heritage, from Cape Cod to the Berkshires, for future generations to enjoy.

What you'll do

Build powerful coalitions: Reach out to small business owners, farmers, public health officials and others to demonstrate support for our policy goals

Earn traditional media and social media attention: Organize news conferences and write opinion pieces. Build a following on Facebook and Twitter for your campaigns

Lobby elected officials: Coordinate strategy with a champion in Congress. Make a convincing case to a legislator who is undecided on a particular vote. Work the “inside game” to complement our outside field operation, where most of our power is derived

Research and write reports: Catalogue and analyze sources of carbon pollution in the U.S. Detail the success of the Clean Water Act in our reports. Help influence public debate and earn media attention for our cause

Identify and cultivate donors: Reach out to foundations and major donors and ask them to fund our work to tackle global warming, promote clean energy, and protect our most spectacular natural areas

Run a grassroots campaign office each summer of your fellowship: Hire and manage a staff of 20 canvassers. Raise money, build our organization and membership, and help win one of our key campaigns

Pay & Benefits

The target annual compensation for this position is $27,000 in the first year. Environment Massachusetts offers a competitive benefits package. We also offer an excellent training program and opportunities for advancement. We are hiring staff to start working with us immediately or in August 2019. We are also hiring for fellowship positions in other states through our national federation, Environment America.


Boston, MA

Things To Know When You Apply

Environment Massachusetts is part of The Public Interest Network—a group of organizations that share a vision of a better country, a set of core values, and a coordinated strategic approach to getting things done. Click here for things you should know about our network when you apply.

We are also looking for current students to work with Environment Massachusetts as interns during the academic year or the summer. Learn more and apply for our internships here.

Environment Massachusetts is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, disability, pregnancy or veteran status.


The first step for applying for a job with Environment America is to fill out this form. From there, we’ll connect you to our online application and send you updates on our hiring process.