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Our Mission

Environment America promotes bold ideas and organizes action to commit our country to 100% renewable energy, keep fossil fuels in the ground, ban bee-killing pesticides, end pollution of our water, and protect and expand our national parks and other public lands.

We’re not afraid to think boldly, but we’re well aware that bold thinking is not enough. We work hard to produce the research, public education and citizen action it takes to win real results for our environment right now.

The changes Environment America has championed and won in Washington, D.C., and more than 25 states are reducing global warming pollution, creating more solar and wind power, sparing our parks and forests from fracking, keeping beaches, rivers and streams clean, and protecting our wildlife and wild places.

We have affiliates in 29 states, giving us a strong and broad base of grassroots support and action and a track record of local and state victories, all of which have set the stage for even bigger accomplishments on the national level.

What We've Done (a few highlights)

Global Warming

  • Mobilized tens of thousands of Americans behind Clean Car standards that will reduce global warming pollution by 270 million metric tons by 2030 — standards that are based on similar policies that we helped win in 14 states
  • Co-chaired a coalition that delivered 8 million public comments to the Obama administration in support of the Clean Power Plan, paving the way for the biggest step any president has ever taken to address global warming
  • Advocated for California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, the nation’s first economy-wide carbon cap and trade program, and defended the program against an oil industry attack by helping to defeat Prop. 23 in 2010

Clean Water

  • Mobilized more than 800,000 people to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to protect America’s waterways by closing loopholes in the Clean Water Act
  • Released our report ranking major water polluters, “Wasting our Waterways,” which found that polluters dumped more than 200 million pounds of toxic chemicals into America’s waterways in 2012
  • Sued big polluters, including a subsidiary of GenOn Energy, for illegally dumping toxic pollution into Pennsylvania’s Conemaugh River

Clean Energy

  • Spearheaded California’s Million Solar Roofs Initiative
  • Won similar solar initiatives in Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Arizona and New Mexico
  • Mobilized public opinion behind an extension of the wind power tax credit, a key driver of wind power development in the United States

Things To Know When You Apply

Environment America is part of the The Public Interest Network. We're a group of organizations working to address problems our society can’t afford to ignore -- from preserving irreplaceable resources like air, water and a livable climate; to transforming vast systems of transportation and energy that were designed to meet the needs of a different century; to growing and distributing food in ways that won’t destroy the environment and threaten human health.

Throughout The Public Interest Network, we believe that a clear vision, common-sense ideas, a fact-driven case for action, and the power of bringing people together are the necessary ingredients to any successful effort to solve society's problems. We share a set of core values and a strategic approach to making positive change. Click here for things you should know about our network when you apply.


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